So you’ve decided that you’d like to start automatically showing reviews on your businesses (or clients) website. You’ve made a great decision, putting customer reviews on your website is a great way to help convert new customers by sharing the great experiences that existing customers have had. In addition google loves the fresh unique content that reviews provide to your website and will frequently reward your hard work by including stars on your search results.


Lets quickly buzz through some great examples to show why we want to setup the review feed properly on your site before getting to the particulars of how to set it up.

PROS: This is a single location business and they’ve added the review feed to a new page that they’ve created called “Reviews”

CONS: The title tag could be a bit better

PRO TIP: Most people search for “Reviews” of a business not “testimonials”.

PROS: This is a multi location business and they’ve added the review feed to the location page on the website. This is the best possible scenario for a multilocation business.

PRO TIP: Including the review feed on the location page is a great way to have the stars show up for generic and location specific searched that lack the word “Reviews”

PROS: Review feed is implemented properly with rich snippet aggregate and feed of reviews so that google shows stars.

CONS: Reviews are not directly on the location page but on their own page below the location specific page. It’s prefered that the reviews are put on the location page specifically but this is the next best thing for corporate pages where for one reason or another the reviews can not be added directly to the location page.

Best Practices


  • Make sure review aggregate is on the page
  • If business is a single location make a new page called “business name reviews”
  • If business has multiple locations, make sure that the reviews are put onto the specific location page.


  • Don’t put reviews or aggregate snippet on multiple pages on the site. The reviews streamed to the site are unique to the businesses website and it’s important that they are not duplicated anywhere
  • Don’t just call the new page “Reviews” it’s important that this page has a good title tag, just like any other page on your site.
  • Don’t make a single page for reviews when the business has multiple distinct locations. Each location should have it’s own page with unique location specific reviews.

Extra Features

The n49 review feed can stream photos, videos, comments, and employee tags to the website.

This is an example of the standard implementation of the feed which includes all features by default and is automatically upgraded as we add features. It’s an iframe that google associates with the parent page.

If you have any questions about our review feed or need help implemnting it do not hesitate to give us a call at 416-385-2433

-The N49 Team.

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05 March 2015